Measuring Sense of Indebtedness in Second-Generation Immigrants in Switzerland


Sense of indebtedness toward parents (SIP) refers to feelings of debt to give back to parents for their migration related sacrifices in second-generation immigrants. In 2010, Kang developed the SIP scale to measure these feelings. The purpose of this study was threefold; (1) to provide evidence of the theoretical factor structure underlying SIP, (2) to test SIP’s measurement invariance in four immigrant groups and (3) to shed light on the validity of SIP. The sample included N = 492 second-generation immigrants (66% female, Mage = 32.39, SDage = 10.46) in Switzerland. Results showed good reliability, confirmed the theoretical one-factor model and supported partial scalar invariance across four immigrant groups. Further analysis provided evidence for the SIP’s discriminant and incremental validity. The measure Sense of Indebtedness toward Parents is a valuable contribution to the ongoing research onintergenerational relations in immigrant families.

In Psychological Test Adaption and Development
Pirmin Pfammatter
Pirmin Pfammatter
Psychologist, PhD Student

My research focus on family relations in minority families.